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When should you change your regimen?

When should you change your regimen?

How long have you been using your current products? When do you know it’s time to switch up your products? There’s a few rules when it comes to changing your regimen and today we are going to talk about it!

Season change

Season change is truly something that can really affect your hair and skin, especially depending on where you live. Here in Wisconsin we get rather dramatic changes in climates and your hair can be one of the first things to show effect from it. We lose the humidity in the air so it becomes a lot dryer so in affect hair tends to dry out a lot too! How do you know if your hair is dry? The hair can have a more coarse and straw like feel, not easily combed through in the ends, or even static are big examples of dry hair. For most people, adding in more hydrating products are key in the winter time. Everybody’s hair is different so for some people just switching over their shampoo and conditioner (the Hydrate line by Pureology is our favorite) will be enough to keep the hair moisturized. For others, adding in more hydrating creams and stylers are essential too.

Summer time: most people’s favorite time of year! In the summer we have much more humidity, which means there is more moisture in the air. This may be the nemesis to some people with frizz but is also helpful to the hair with not lacking so much hydration! In the warmer months, we tend to see a lot more hair this is need of some extra protein. A lot of people wear their hair up more in the summer which causes stress and damage. The sun can also be damaging not only to the surface of the hair but also to color! A summertime essential is definitely Pureology’s Colour Fanatic. This one has 21 benefits for the hair including protection from the sun damaging your hair and color! Amazing, right? Another reason for needing extra strength is that it’s such a common time for people to want to go lighter with their hair, and protein is a blonde’s best friend! The Strength Cure line by Pureology or the Extreme line from Redken are great to help add in extra strength and protein to your hair game!

Hair Cycles

Hair also goes through its own “seasons”. It’s important to pay attention to what your hair really needs at the time, because that changes. This can all vary based on what your hair is going through, if you’re doing a lot of heat styling, a lot of chemical services, or not doing much with your hair at all. At one point in time you may have had some breakage so you are using products to treat that and it works for you, which is great.  But after a while, it would be time to reassess the condition of your hair to see if you need to continue with the same regimen or if it’s time to incorporate other products to treat the hair you have now. If you have ever had a product that worked great but then “stopped working” that’s not because it doesn’t work anymore. Rather, that product probably isn’t what your hair needs right now and it’s time to re-evaluate your hair to find the right fit to make it feel amazing.

There are so many products out there and finding the right fit for your hair can get really confusing and overwhelming! The best thing to do is to trust your stylist in what they recommend for you based on your hair needs and wants. We are educated to properly diagnose your hair and lead you in the right direction for what your hair truly needs. Once you have the right care in place, your hair will truly thank you!