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Looking for Great Skin!?

Looking for great skin!?

Hey everyone! Looking for Great skin? We can’t wait to talk to you about our PCA skin care line!

Want to learn more about the BEST skin care products for you?

Discover your skin type with some of these questions below:

  • Are you rarely experiencing any T zone oil?
  • Does your skin feel tight?
  • Do you have fine lines and wrinkles?

If any of these apply then you have DRY skin

  • Does your T zone get moderately oily after cleansing?
  • Does your skin feel dehydrated at times?
  • Do you have visible pores in the T zone?
  • Do you have blackheads?

If any of these apply then you have COMBINATION skin, combination skin is a blend of both dry and oily skin.

  • Does your skin get oily after a few hours after cleansing?
  • Do you see visible pores on your T zone and cheeks?
  • Do you have many blackheads?
  • Does your skin appear shiny all over?

If any of these apply then your skin is OILY

  • Do you have blackheads and whiteheads?
  • Do you have multiple breakouts?
  • Do you have visible inflammation and redness?

If any of these you have ACNE prone skin

  • Do ordinary skin care products cause itching or a burning sensation?
  • Do you easily get flushed?
  • Does your skin appear flakey and dry?
  • Do you get random red blotches on your neck and face?

If any of these apply then you have SENSITVIE skin

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